Clara Vista Venado - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Other Beaches

Exiting the property to the right driving.


Junquillal (15 minutes)
2 Miles long, the beaches have won the cove
ted Bandura Azul Award for many years. In Junquillal there is an excellent selection of restaurants. At night during the season you can see Ridley and green turtles. There is an active local turtle protection group that welcomes involvement. The village of Junquillal remains unspoiled and remote,a haven for those looking to spend their precious leisure time on the road less travelled. Local Costa Ricans, Ticos, as well as international ex-patriots welcome travelers with a warm hospitality seldom experienced in the whirlwind of the real world.

Playa Negra (20 minutes)Restaurant and Hotel Avellanas (25 minutes)

Exiting the property to the left driving.

Lagarto (1.5 miles)
Fishing Village
La Joya de Lagarto (2.5 miles)

(5 Miles)



World class breaks can be found at Playa Negra, Avellanas, and Marbella, which are all within 20 minutes of the house. Both Playa Negra and Avellanas rent surf boards and have surf schools.



Pura Adventura (12 mins) - zip lining

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Yoga - - Playa Negra

Other Activities:

- swimming

- surfing

- boogie boarding

- snorkeling

- deep-sea fishing

- kayaking in the ocean or in the estuary

- massages or facials at the local hotel

- monkey, whale, bird, and turtle watching

- horse back riding

- mountain bike riding